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cryoemcourse2020 - Basic Principles and Practical Aspects of CryoEM (Module 62-485.1)

Subject: Basic Principles and Practical Aspects of CryoEM (Module 62-485.1)

The course is designed for M.Sc. Life Science students, PhDs and PostDocs who are starting their research in cryoEM and wish to learn the basic concepts and theory of cryo-EM - from the lab bench to a 3D model. The aim of the cryoEM workshop is to impart knowledge about the different modalities of electron cryo-microscopy from single particle analysis (SPA) to tomography (ET), and future directions. The course schedule covers image formation, microscope hardware, sample preparation, image analysis in SPA and ET. Towards the end of the course all modalities will be presented in the context of running research projects to highlight the versatility of the methods. This year's course will be fully online and spiked with interactive hands-on demonstrations on the microscope (by experienced researchers) and interactive projects on the computer. After successful completion of the module, participants can describe interactions of electrons with matter and how this can help in studying the architecture of cells, viruses and protein assemblies at molecular resolution.
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